Best Islamic Book seller in Bangladesh


Best Islamic Book seller in Bd


If we search by writing the above text, we will see many websites. Some of us can’t find our favorite store.


In the present era, Bangladesh has been upgraded a lot. Although everything has online facilities, but we can’t find Islamic books as we want.


So we bring to solve all your problems


what is is an online platform for the world of books. There are more than three thousand Islamic books. More books are linked here than on other websites,


 We hope that you will find all your daily favorite books here. There is a search bar on our web page, where you can find your book by typing the name of the book you like.


Example: If you can’t find your book easily, go to Search and enter the name of your favorite book. Let’s say you are looking for this book “Introduction to Islam” but you can search for this name in our search bar and you will find your favorite book in no time.

search ber of
search ber of


Front Page features various features arranged in:

  • book
  • category
  • publication
  • the writer
  • Gallery
  • package



If you click on the category text on the Homepage, your favorite categories will come that you want to get easily.

categories of aladaboi
categories of aladaboi


Apart from that has numerous publications, sometimes the quality of the book depends on the publisher. You can go to our publication and choose the publication of your choice and you can buy all the books of the publication from here.

pulications of aladaboi
publications of aladaboi


The writers:

If you have not found a book by an Islamic writer, go to our website and search for the author. You will find all the writers you like there.




Ailadabol has numerous packages for you. Where various book packages are arranged with discounts

Example: There is a package named Maulana Tariq Jameel. There are nine books of Maulana Tariq Jamil in that Package. Now if you want to buy the package then you will be given a 50% discount.

packages of aladaboi
packages of aladaboi


How do identify whether that book is well or bad?

When you click on the link, below the book, there will be a summary of the book, which you can better identify the book by reading.


Destination of Aladaboi teams:

There was a time when one had to travel far to buy books. Good books were not so readily available. A handful of books were the food of the students’ minds. Times have changed. Publication of books has also prospered by the infinite mercy of Allah Ta’ala. With the help of technology, books are now reaching the doorsteps of readers.


With the firm conviction of providing quality services at the earliest, ‘Alada Boi’ has therefore started its journey. It is going to be an exceptional platform of online services for readers with a great collection of the best books in the world of publishing. Following the name, its activities and service quality will be better than other online platforms and we will make sure is the best book seller in bd,  in sha Allah.


And when the reader is a customer, then his taste-preference-satisfaction must be taken care of. ‘Alada Book’ will set a unique example of sincere service with utmost importance to the needs of the customers. In Sha Allah.



সাধারণ কোনও পণ্য নয় বই। এর আলাদা গুরুত্ব রয়েছে। আমরা বইকে দেখছি উপহার হিসেবে। পাঠকের হাতে তুলে দিচ্ছি পৃথিবীর সেরা উপহার–বই। কখনো গল্প করছি পাঠকের সাথে হাজার বছর আগের বই নিয়ে, কখনো বা কথা বলছি সমসাময়িক স্কলারদের বই নিয়ে।

পাঠকের কল্যাণে আমরা কাজ করছি উপকারী বই নিয়ে। আলাদা বইয়ে রয়েছে ১৫টি মূল ক্যাটাগরি আর অসংখ্য সাব-ক্যাটাগরি। আমরা চেষ্টা করেছি আমাদের ওয়েবসাইটকে নান্দনিক ও পাঠকপ্রিয় করতে। আশা করছি আপনার আন্তরিক মূল্যায়ণ। চলুন ঘুরে ঘুরে দেখি আলাদা বইয়ের দুনিয়া।

add by saiful islam


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