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Earn by Writing – Premium Content Writing Course with SEO and Content Marketing Strategies – Course Module

A – Simple Course by Ilias Sami

SEO Content Writing and Content Marketing Course by Mukto kosh

Introduction to Content Writing

  1. What is Content Writing or Article Writing?
  2. Types of Content
  3. How you can Earn by Writing Articles?
  4. How much do Writers Earn?
  5. Live Proofs of Earning by Content Writing


Beginning of the Content Writing Course: Before you Start Writing {Brainstorming}

  1. First, take the Topic to write from your Client
  2. Research the Topic on Google and YouTube
  3. Create a Draft or Which we say ‘OUTLINE’ before you start writing

How to Create an Outline of your Content

  1. First, research the Topic and See how your Competitors have written. Follow them and try to add more information than them.
  2. Let’s take an example. Client Provided 2 Topics:
    Topic a. Informative Article or Web Content
    Topic b. Affiliate or Sales Article
  3. Now you have researched everything. And, found that competitors have written the informative article by following this type of outline:

    i) Intro – Create Attention
    ii) Providing the Specifications and some other sorts of Information about what the competitors did
    iii) Added some Relevant Images
    iv) Added some researched based information. Like: Types of that topic, Location, History, Creator or Developer, Age, Social Media, Inspection Data – Interest
    v) Added some myths about the topic
    vi) What people are saying about the Topic, some trending news on that particular topic – Desire
    vii) Added some Frequently Asked Questions by people about that topic and Answered them – Desire
    viii) Conclusion – Action to read articles related to this topic

    And, the Affiliate Content, Sales Content, or Commercial content are so Easy to Write. The Outline looks more likely:

    i) An Interesting Intro and Title
    ii) Listing Top or Best 3, 5, 7, or 10 Products. Writing Product Descriptions, Key Features, User Reviews, pros and Cons, and ending words. Every product Description should maintain the AIDA formula.
    iii) Add a Buyer Guide, not for the Selected or Listed Products but all niche relevant products.
    iv) Add the Frequently Asked Questions section and Answer the Questions Positively and Not so Negatively.
    v) Then Conclude the Article.


How to Write the First words or the Intro? – Step 1

  1. Don’t start with the History of that Topic. First Clear the Main Topic you are writing on
  2. An Intro should be not more than 250 words. So, create value in the first 250 words
  3. Always implement the AIDA formula. What is AIDA?

AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action in Content Writing – Step 2

  1. In the Intro, first, grab Readers’ Attention by – Are you Interested in…., If you are looking for the best… [Topic] I think this is the thing you are looking for. Yes, you are at the Right Place to start!
  2. And then Talk about their Interest in that Topic. For creating Interest Provide some Statistical Data, some words from Big Persons, Big Companies, Celebrities, Knowledgeable Persons, Scientists, Doctors, or any other trusted source. Like: Did you know that 67% fail while growing their business online? Research by Brian Dean (Owner of Backlinko) Shows that 97% of bloggers don’t implement SEO while writing articles or blog posts!
  3. Grab Readers Trust. Show some trusted images and trusted sources
  4. Now, from the Middle of your article to the end of the article try to make your Readers Desire to Read More, Buy the Product or Click the link. This means, creating a Desire in their mind. Like: If this [Condition] meets with you, this thing is for you. Click Here! to Read more…, If you are looking for the best SEO tool Online, this Ahrefs tool would be the perfect choice for you to get started!
  5. After creating Desire, the user would be Knowledgeable about the program, service, or the thing you are promoting. Then for conversion, you have placed the Action. Action is a type of button or link of the Service or Product.
    If you are looking for the best SEO tool Online, this Ahrefs tool would be the perfect choice for you to get started! – This is Desire.
    After that: Action: Buy the Product at a 37% Discount Right Now!


Things to Cover in Informational Article or Content Writing:

  1. How to Research Specific Topic and Who are your Competitors
  2. Maintaining the Series
  3. Generating Outline by Brainstorming
  4. FAQs finding

Things to Cover in Affiliate Content or Commercial Content Writing:

  1. How to Write Product Descriptions by Finding the Best Products
  2. How to Implement AIDA while writing Product Descriptions
  3. Key Features, Benefits, Pros and Cons, Specification writing
  4. How to write a Buyer Guide?
  5. How to Find FAQs?
  6. How to Find Customer Feedback and Ratings?

How to Implement SEO in Content (Basic Guide)

  1. What is SEO? Why do we need to Implement SEO in Content or Article Writing?
  2. Tools for SEO.
  3. SEO Techniques (Keyword Placement)
  4. LSI

Plagiarism, Grammar, and Readability Check (Basic – Tools)

  • SER Plagiarism Checker, Grammarly, Quetext, Duplicheker
  • Grammarly
  • Hemingway app and Yoast SEO


  • Always Capitalize Each Words First Letter of Every Heading
  • Use simple English and simple sentences
  • No passive voice
  • Don’t use the main Keyword frequently
  • Use LSI keyword
  • Bold the Main Topics, underline the Links
  • Write more than your Competitors and ask for more Money
  • Research and Write more and more.


How to Deliver the Content to your Client?

  1. Proper use of Microsoft Word (Intermediate)
  2. Delivering Format

How to Start as a Freelance Writer?

  1. Showing Marketplaces
  2. How to get the First Order?
  3. How to message or chat with your clients?
  4. How do Get local clients?

Content Marketing (Basic)

  • What is Content Marketing
  • Niche relevant source marketing
  • Quora and Reddit
  • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Web 2.0 Content Marketing.

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About the Author and Trainer – Ilias Sami

SEO Content Writing and Content Marketing Course by Mukto kosh

This is Ilias Sami works as a Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO Expert, and full-time professional content writer. Ilias Sami is from Dhaka Polytechnic Institute’s Department of Computer Science and Technology.

From the very beginning, I was very interested in technology, science, and computers. My parents helped me on this long journey.

On October 29, 2011, when I was a Grade 1 student, my father, Imrul Kayes, brought a Desktop PC for me. And I was lucky that it was my birthday gift from him.

Before that, I was admitted to a computer training center to get enough knowledge about computers, computer basics, applications, games, and some other kinds of stuff.

My interest in computer technology and getting proper knowledge about what is happening in the core section of a computer system has been growing in my mind since that time.

Over the years, I have learned new things and gained knowledge about new technologies like computers, smartphones, Android systems, websites, and other things. Googling and researching new data was my main job at that time.

What is Ilias Sami Doing Now?

You will be glad to know that. I am a student at the Creative IT Institute. I have completed my Digital Marketing Course from Creative IT. My batch number is DM-2111.

Now I’m working as a Digital Marketing Specialist and SEO Expert at Different Market Places like Fiverr, Legiit, Kwork, and others. Also, I am working as a Full-Time SEO Team Leader and Content Marketer at আলাদা বই, Alada Bazar, and Dollarxbd

Also, I am the founder of,, and—. I have completed more than 70 orders in those marketplaces and have had more than 53 five-star ratings from clients.

I am also the Assistant Polytechnic Team Manager at ICT Olympiad Bangladesh.

Thanks for knowing about me.


Ilias Sami