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If you are Looking For the Best Guest Posting Site or Write For Us section for topics like SEO, Digital Marketing, Science, Technology, History, Facts and others, you are the Right Place. Mukto Kosh is Providing a Free Guest Posting System for new bloggers to testing, implementing and increase their SEO Writing Skills. You can write about almost any topic which our categories are about.

If you are Looking For the Best Guest Posting Site or Write For Us section for topics like SEO, Digital Marketing, Science, tech etc you are

Our Write For Us Categories are (Means in these Categories you can Write Free Guest Posts):

Tech Related Guest Post Submission

  • Windows Basic – How to Posts
  • Windows Problem Solving
  • Software Installations
  • Windows Operating System
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Basic to Advance
  • How to speed up PC

Graphic Design Guest Posts Section of Mukto Kosh

  • Graphic Design – Using Adobe Products
  • How to crop image, clipping path, background removal, Logo Design Basics

Tech Guides Based Guest Post Free Submissions

  • Buying Guides for Techs- What would you buy, laptops, Macs, desktops
  • Which operating system you Should Choose, Windows, Mac, Linux, Win Server, or Android
  • Which phone you should buy, which laptops you should buy – their features
  • PC configuration and Budget

Operating System Related Guest Posting Opportunities

  • BIOS – Before Installing Windows 11
  • How to install Windows – Basic BIOS settings
  • How to install any operating system, Linux, Hackintosh, Windows, Android on PC, Chrome OS

Write for Mukto Kosh about Games

  • Android Apps and Games Review
  • Best Games to play, Best apps, Apps features, Windows apps, Android Apps, IOS apps, Latest apps, and games news

All Other Free Guest Posting Categories by MuktoKosh.com

  • Arduino – Microcontroller Programming, Project Making, C# Programming
  • SEO and Digital Marketing – Content Writing, Copy Writing, SEO, SMM, Adsense, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing
  • Unity – Game Development – Unity Basics, Unity Installation, License approval, Unity Assets, Game Dev Basics
  • DIY projects BD – Arduino, Microcontroller Programming, Project Making, C# Programming
  • Microsoft Office Softwares Tutorial – MS Word Tutorial, MS Excel, MS Access, MS powerpoint etc (Nazmul Islam Naeem)
  • Lifestyle Improvement – Motivation
  • Tech news – Tech facts
  • Tech Gadget Review
  • Freelancing – Digital Marketing and SEO, Graphics Design and T-shirt Design
  • Fiverr.com, Legiit.com, Upwork.com and Freelancer.com account creation, Skill Development
  • WordPress – Tutorials, WordPress Basics, Plugin, and Theme Installing, WordPress Customization Basic to Advanced
  • Science News – New science innovation, New Robotics, AI, New Technology, Tech News, Latest Techs, Latest Information
  • Global and Social Problems and Solving
  • Detecting Social Issues, Solving Social Problems by Writing
  • Health E Resources – What are the benefits of any fruit, the ingredients of vegetables, their benefits, what is eaten, etc.
  • Online Earning – Earn money online, Apps Earning, Earning Sites, Bitcoin mining
  • Religion and History – Islamic Lecture, Hadith, Quran, History, Literature
  • Diary Writing
  • Copying Articles and Re-Writing Them in own Tone from News Sites and English Latest Tech News Blogs and Bigyanpriyo, Old Books, Newspaper etc

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What is Mukto Kosh?

Mukto Kosh is a Blogging Platform for Bangladeshi Bloggers. It is a Web Platform where Bloggers can Write and Publish their Thoughts, Skills, Experiences and Lifestyle.

Who is the Founder of Mukto Kosh?

Ilias Sami, a SEO Expert in Bangladesh is the Founder and CEO of Mukto Kosh.

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এজন্য আমরা এমন কিছু ইন্টার্ন ছেলে মেয়ে খুজছি যারা Recently কোনো SEO Course কমপ্লিট করেছেন এবং একটা সাইটে নিজের কাজ ইমপ্লিমেন্ট করে দেখতে চাচ্ছেন যা আপনার পোর্টফলিও তে এ্যাড করতে পারবেন।

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যে সকল বিষয়ে আপনারা ভূল করবেন, সেগুলো আমি বুঝিয়ে দিবো যাতে ভবিষ্যতে ক্লায়েন্টের কাজে ভূল না হয়!

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